AAR set-up

For this after action report (AAR), I’m playing Arsenal of Democracy 1.08* (the latest version), with the CORE 0.61 mod (also the latest version).

For graphics, I’m using CORE’s b&w graphics pack, with interface elements from the excellent Tripartite mod. On top of that, I’ve got SKIF for unit icons. However, you may notice things became a bit messy, and the latest version of SKIF isn’t up to date with the latest CORE, unfortunately. So, there’s a bit of a mad mash up of different unit icons, and some may be completely wrong. So if you see an Bf 109 masquerading as a Fw 190, sorry about that. The mistake is mine. I’ve also got the great CORE Travel Guide – a stunningly great mod!

I’m aware that there are quite a few other great graphics packs for AoD, including AoD in colour, but I think I’ve got into enough of a mess already!

* If you’re a Steam user, you may not have realised that 1.08 was out, as Steam hasn’t been updated for some reason. You can find the patch and more information here. There are a lot of small improvements.


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