To 22 November 1939: First Blood

So, the fighting commences, although it’s bound to be low intensity until Germany vanquishes Poland. Our Supreme Leader was wise enough, for once, to set up naval and areal patrols before war was actually declared. They look something like this:

Naval patrols September 1939

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1939: It Begins

So, we finally come to it. Herr Hitler has pushed Germany to war. Will the free peoples of the rest of the world be up to defeating the Nazi menace? We think so… but first, a few events of note during the year.

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1937: Getting Ready for War

Whilst events in the Iberian Peninsular grind towards their inevitable conclusion, tensions across the rest of Europe continue to rise. To that end, we must prepare! Although the Treasury, since the end of the Great War, has managed military spending on the basis of having 10 years reasonable notice before a major conflict… we clearly don’t. Although the idea of another war with Germany does not come as a surprise, the pace at which Herr Hitler is driving us to it certainly does. So, no time to waste. 1937 is all about product, production and more production.

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The Spanish Civil War

The other big event of 1936-39 is the Spanish Civil War, of course. Although it is surely destined to go down as a footnote to the history of the great war to come, it is nevertheless a bloody, brutal and destructive affair. It is unlikely that the winner (if there can be such a thing as a “winner” in a conflict such as this) will be taking part in European affairs for the foreseeable future.

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