Early Days

So, our little piece of history begins in 1936. There’s a lot to do in the quiet years before the war, in terms of building up our our infrastructure, economy and military, but first, here’s our green and pleasant land:

The British Isles

Speaking of the economy, one of our first jobs will be the long, slow climb out of the Great Depression:

And we also need to get our tech teams to work; the Supreme Leader has decided to max out on research, so all tech team slots will be active all the time. Production will have to work around the spending required.

Although our navy is strong at the beginning of 1936, the rest of our armed forces leave something to be desired. They’re undermanned and generally lacking the equipment they need. Although many of our divisions at this point are garrisons stationed around the world, who may never see fighting in the war to come, we need to keep them up to spec, just in case. So, to that end, production will focus on reinforcing and upgrading our existing units, as well as building up our money and supply stockpiles. A bit of infrastructure in Port Said won’t do any harm either (as it’s our major supply base in the Middle East), and we’ll keep two out of the three destroyer productions lines we have queued already:

Initial production

At this point, even without a big build queue, we can still only reinforce and upgrade a small proportion of our forces. Slow and steady wins the race though! Our Supreme Leader is pretty much happy with our cabinet at this point, only appointing Lord John Gort, with his emphasis on mobility, as the Chief of Staff.

So, here ends the beginning of our preparation. Next will come the flavour of the year ahead.


5 thoughts on “Early Days

  1. Well done! Great start! I think this is a very clean looking presentation and see why you decided not to use Forum. Looking forward to following your future updates. Very nice to get an introduction to the differences in CORE. Good luck!


  2. Well, if you used Forum you would get a “number of views total.” I guess now you need to search your server stats!

    • Oh, this system gives me full stats on views for each post and everything. I more meant that when someone leaves a comment, it shows that they’ve actually read the post, not just glanced at it!

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